Why Thermo Techniques

Braze Application


Established in 1960 by Jacob Beck, Dale Beck and Goebel High as Certified Metallurgical Services quickly became a premier Heat Treating and Brazing supplier in the Illiana area. In 1984 our name changed to Thermo Techniques and continued to grow and expand into a multi service heat treating company. We have become a Special Process Supplier to aerospace, gas turbine, medical and commercial industries for the past 54 years..

Thermo Techniques currently utilizes Vacuum, Hydrogen, Argon and Air circulating furnaces in a modern facility encompassing 20,000 sq., ft. of manufacturing floor space. Our furnace operating sizes up to 72”. This wide range of both size and type of furnace allows Thermo Techniques to handle an extensive variety of heat treating and brazing requirements. Please check our certification section for more information.

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